What can Chrysalis Design do for you?

Product design with Electronics.

We help you with the electronics in your products. We can help you put electronics into current products to make them cutting edge and innovative. We can improve the electronics you currently use. We can help design completely new products. We can advise you on manufacturing issues and regulations. We can sort your electronics problems.  

We are interested in the whole project. We can work with you on all aspects of a design so that the electronics becomes an integral part, not just an add-on.

We are also happy to give advice on any aspect of your design. To investigate cost reductions, design improvements or improved functionality. No job is too small.

We have a wide range of in-house design experience that allows us to cover a broad range of modern product design, electronic design and software support. This can be applied to both industrial equipment and to consumer goods.

Our designs are carefully researched to provide cost effective, innovative solutions that meet your product requirements and your documentation needs. Confidentiality is assured.

Call us and see how we can make your products the best in your business

If you are interested in our Obsolete Chips/IC's program please go to: